Adding Products to E-commerce

Before adding products to E-commerce, you will need to add the products in Register Management, add categories to E-commerce, and set up voucher and ticket designs if you will be using those.

1. Select the Products sub tab on the Products tab in the E-commerce activity.  Select Add Product.

2. Fill in the information in the form shown below and click Save.

  • Product Name - This name can be the same or different than the name of the corresponding product in Register Management.
  • Select Product Type - Select Product, ProductGroup, or Membership.
  • Select Product - Select a product to tie this E-commerce product to.  
  • Website - Select which web store/website.
  • Category - Select a web category.
  • Price 
  • Sale Price - optional but this is an easy way to put the product on sale.
  • On Sale - Check this box if you want the sale price to override the price.
  • Out of Stock - Check this box if you want the product to show as Out of Stock and be unavailable for sale.
  • Physical Product - If you are selling a physical product or a membership, check this box.  When this box is checked, no voucher or ticket is emailed to the customer.
  • Digital Product Type - Select Voucher or Ticket.  This field disappears when the Physical Product box is checked.
  • Digital Product - This is the voucher or ticket template.  Again, this field disappears when the Physical Product box is checked.
  • Images - There is a large image and a small image.  The small image is displayed with the product on the website.  The large image is displayed when the small image is clicked for more details.
  • Description - The description is displayed when the product is clicked and more details are shown.
  • Search Tag - You can add search tags for the product. For example, possible search tags for the a product Admission Ticket could be day pass, tiket, entry, etc.

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