3.7.2 Gateway Configuration Setup

Initial Setup

The Aluvii Gateway Configuration tool is an application that configures the Aluvii Peripheral Gateway, which is responsible for managing the hardware on your local machine.  You will need the following data points to completely configure the tool:

1. Tenant Name - This is the name assigned by Aluvii for your use. It can be found as the sub-domain for the URL provided by Aluvii for you to access various Aluvii portals (i.e. MyCompany.Aluvii.com/Employee)

2. Hardware Token - This has been generated for you by Aluvii.  It is a security token necessary to keep your connection private.  If you do not have this token, please contact the Aluvii Account Manager assigned to your deployment.

You will need to have installed the 3.7.2 Aluvii Gateway Service application before you can continue.  Once installed you will need to find the application in your Windows Start menu as shown below:

Once you open the application you will be presented with the following screen:

The first field you enter information into is the Gateway Name.  This field is a friendly name you will use within the Aluvii Application for assigning hardware.  Please make is short yet descriptive. 

An example of such a name is shown in the image below:

The next field you enter information into is the Customer ID.  This is the Tenant Name explained above.  Enter the given value into the Customer ID field as shown in the image below:

The last field you need to enter information into is the Access Token.  This is the Hardware Token explained above.  Enter this value into the Access Token field.  As this is a private token and we will not supply an image for this.  

Once you have entered all these values into the form, click the OK button at the bottom of the form.  The Aluvii Peripheral Gateway Configuration tool will then attempt to connect to Aluvii cloud to facilitate communication between your desktop POS and the Aluvii Cloud Platform.  

Please ensure that the connection has been made successfully in the Employee Portal Hardware activity.   

Trouble Shooting

Issue:  Will Not Connect

Solution: The Aluvii Peripheral Gateway requires an internet connection.  Please ensure that you have an active, working, internet connection

Issue: New gateway name does not appear in the Hardware activity on the employee portal

Solution: It is most likely that the Access Token field (Hardware Token) is entered incorrectly.  Please reopen the Gateway Configuration and update the Access Token field with the correct information. 

Issue: Hardware is not found.

Solution: It is best practice to configure the Aluvii Peripheral Gateway when the service is turned off.  If you configured the gateway with the service still on you will need to restart the service.  This can be done from a user account with administrative privileges.  Search for and open "Services" from the windows start menu.  Once that opens up search for the Service named "Aluvii Peripheral Gateway", select the row and click "restart".

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