USAePay Payment Gateway configuration

To configure the USAePay payment gateway for your Aluvii software, you will need to first navigate to the Administration activity.  This activity has a three gear icon and the label administration as shown in the image below:


Once in the administration activity, you will see a list of tabs across the top of the page.  Please click on the Configuration tab as shown in the image below:


Scroll down to the Payment Gateway area as shown in the image below:


From the Gateway Processor drop down, select USAePay. The Gateway Action URL will be

The Gateway Online Key will need to be the key that was provided to you by USAePay.  It is usually a 32 character string containing letters and numbers.

The Gateway Online Pin is optional. If you have it, enter it into the field. If you don't have one, enter a period (.) into the field. 

Once you have added all values, click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the Configuration form.  You will see a confirmation popup in green when this occurs, at the top right of your screen as shown in the image below:

If this doesn't appear, please check the form for any missing data.  All require fields will show a message below them if you did not enter a value.  An example is shown in the image below:

It is always prudent that you test your changes.  Please make a sample sale through Aluvii and verify with your credit card processor that you have a valid transaction processed.  




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