Creating waivers

Aluvii makes creating and tracking online waivers simple. Waivers can be signed, stored, and looked up easily. To learn more about waivers, continue reading.

1. To create a waiver, navigate to the Waiver Management activity. Make sure you are on the Waivers tab along the top. Select Add Waiver from the grid drop down options.

2. Fill in the information on the Add Waiver form and select Save Waiver. Editing waivers is very similar to adding waivers.

  • Waiver Name
  • Membership Package Name - Select a membership package. An entrance entitlement and membership package should already be set up for waivers.  If you only have one type of waiver, then create a membership package called Liability Waiver.  Click here to learn about creating membership packages. The duration of signed waivers is set by the membership package.
  • Waiver Language - You can copy and paste the waiver liability language into this field. It will show up on the waiver for guests to read and sign.
  • Waiver Logo - upload the image for the waiver logo. You may need to adjust the dimensions and use transparent background to make it look nice on the waiver.
  • Configurations - there are different configurations you can set for who is required to sign a waiver. Select the one that is applicable to your needs. We recommend you seek legal counsel when making this decision.
  • Minimum age of signee - This field is the minimum age a guest needs to be before a signature is required. The configuration types are driven by this age. 

3. Once all fields are entered, click Submit Waiver.


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