Using a waiver

1. In the Waiver Management activity, select the Waivers tab. To fill out a waiver, highlight the waiver name and then select View Waiver Form.

2. Select New Guest or Existing Guest.  Only use new guest if the guest does not have any information in Aluvii.  When New Guest is selected,  a waiver form will open with blank fields to fill in for the guest.

3. Existing guests can be matched with the same first name, last name, birth date, and email address.  When Existing Guest is selected, fill in this form and select Find Me.

4. Fill in the liability waiver with required signatures and select Submit Waiver.  Note that a parent signature is required on this liability waiver because Sally is younger than 18 and the liability waiver was set up to require a parent signature for under 18. 

Select Submit Waiver and Add Family Member if you want to add a waiver for a new family member to the same account.

Note that the Liability Waiver displays in the Account Info in the Manage Memberships activity.


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