Hardware Gateway Instructions for Release 1.17.1


Aluvii is constantly keeping up with the latest security issues facing technology today.  As such, we keep updating our software to ensure your data is secure.  For the 1.17.1 code release, we have made a security change to the Hardware Gateway.   

This change will require you to update one line in the configuration of the Aluvii Peripheral Gateway (APG) Configuration tool.  This minor change will ensure better protection of your computer systems using APG.

Update Steps

Please follow the steps outlined below in the order shown:

  1. Open the Programs and Features Control Panel and go to “Uninstall or change a program”.  Locate the Aluvii Peripheral Gateway Service and ensure that the version shown is 3.72
    • APG_Version_Check.png
    • If your version is not 3.72 please download and install version 3.72 here: v3.72 MSI Installer
  2. Search through your programs for “Aluvii Configuration”.  Open the application to begin configuring your gateway.  The app may take up to 10 seconds to open, please make sure there is only one instance of the application open before continuing.
    • ACT_3.72_in_Windows_Search.png
    • You will see the following window when the application opens
    • APGC_Config_Window.png
    • Some previously configured gateways may have the following value for the Aluvii URI: ws://{2}.aluvii.com/employee/ws.ashx?clientID={0}&token={1}
    • Ensure that the value for Aluvii URI is:


    • Hit the “OK” button to finish the configurationRestart the Aluvii service
      • Search the windows programs for “Services”
      • Opens the services program
      • Search for the service with the name “Aluvii Peripheral Gateway”
      • Click on the service and click restart.
    • APG_Service.png
    • Now when you navigate over to “Hardware Management” on your Aluvii portal you will see your gateway shown as connected
    • Gateway_Connected.png

If you have completed all of the above steps and your gateway is not connecting, please contact your Aluvii Support Team Member.


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